TN to amend Prohibition Act following hooch tragedy

The Tamil Nadu government is set to amend the Tamil Nadu Prohibition Act of 1937 to impose harsher penalties on those involved in brewing and bootlegging illicit liquor. Chief Minister M.K. Stalin announced the decision in the Assembly on Friday, citing the inadequacy of current penalties as a deterrent.
Chief Minister Stalin’s intervention came during a discussion initiated by PMK member G.K. Mani, who criticized the government for failing to curb the sale of hooch following the recent illicit liquor tragedy in Kallakurichi. Stalin acknowledged the repeated discussions on the issue since the session began and emphasized the need for stronger legal measures.
Stalin highlighted that the existing law, originally enacted in 1937 and subsequently amended, prescribes light penalties that are insufficient to deter illegal liquor activities. He announced that the government would introduce necessary legislation to amend the Prohibition Act, making the punishments more stringent. The proposed amendments are expected to be presented in the House on Saturday, the last day of the current session.
The Chief Minister is expected to make a comprehensive statement on the hooch tragedy on Saturday while responding to the demands for grants for his departments. His remarks are anticipated to include details on the proposed amendments to the Prohibition Act and other measures to prevent future illicit liquor incidents.
Since the tragedy began unfolding on June 19, opposition parties have been vocal in their criticism of the State government. The rising death toll has intensified the pressure on the government, with opposition AIADMK members staging daily walkouts in the Assembly, dressed in black shirts to signify their protest. Their repeated disruptions led to warnings and eventual suspension from the proceedings.