Annamalai criticises Stalin’s foreign trips

BJP Tamil Nadu President Annamalai criticized Chief Minister Stalin for undertaking foreign trips without issuing a white paper.

Addressing the media in Coimbatore, Annamalai stated, “The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has pointed out a lack of transparency in the revenue expected from TASMAC. This report was anticipated. They are moving towards cannabis and illicit liquor, encouraging increased drug use. TASMAC itself is making the youth addicted to drugs. What Minister Durai Murugan said about alcohol is true. The Tamil Nadu government is responsible for this.”

Annamalai demanded an investigation into the quality of liquor sold at TASMAC outlets. He emphasized that the minister’s comments should not be taken lightly as a joke but should prompt a genuine inquiry. “We believe the issues within the DMK cabinet should be addressed in the Legislative Assembly,” he added.

He also criticized the health situation in Chennai, stating, “The health situation in Chennai is deplorable. Neither the Health Minister nor anyone else is addressing this. Many people in Chennai are suffering from various diseases due to poor health conditions. This issue is not being discussed in the Assembly; instead, other topics are being talked about.”

On the topic of Chief Minister Stalin’s foreign trips, Annamalai said, “There is nothing wrong with the Chief Minister traveling abroad. However, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister is undertaking foreign trips without issuing a white paper. If it is a personal trip, it is fine. But when traveling with government officials, the public demands accountability. In the last three years, there has been no benefit from his foreign trips. A common man questions why these foreign trips are necessary when there is no visible outcome.”