Corporation begins construction of pond near Villivakkam

The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) has initiated the construction of a new pond near Villivakkam Lake at an estimated cost of ₹7.90 crore. This ambitious project, awarded to a private contractor, aims to enhance local water resources and increase the area’s green cover.

The pond will span a catchment area of 11,530 square meters and have a water-holding capacity of 52,200 cubic meters. A 900-meter long, 4-meter wide paved walkway will be constructed, providing a scenic route for pedestrians.

Over 11,400 square meters will be dedicated to planting native plant species. Additionally, hardscapes such as trellises, a butterfly garden, a tree court, a maze, and seating areas will be developed to enhance the environment.

Area: A dedicated play area for children will be established, offering a safe and fun space for recreational activities.

The project includes the construction of toilets, including accessible facilities for differently-abled visitors.

To manage surface runoff, water will be channeled to the pond, and any excess water during the monsoon season will be diverted to the main water body.

Embankment Stabilization: Geo Cell construction technology will be used for soil stabilization and erosion control, ensuring the long-term stability of the pond’s embankments.

The contractor will also be responsible for the regular maintenance of the pond, with inspections conducted by zonal-level officials to ensure the project’s ongoing success.

This initiative by the GCC is expected to significantly boost local water sources, improve the area’s ecological balance, and provide new recreational spaces for the community.