US emergency oil reserve at 40-year low

Posted on   10:31 am

The US’s emergency oil stockpile has plunged to a 40-year low as the shrinking Strategic Petroleum Reserve is limiting Washington’s ability to shield consumers from the fallout of Saudi Arabia’s aggressive supply cuts, according to Goldman Sachs.

Greece to receive $58bn from EU funds

Posted on   3:22 pm

Greece will receive financial support totaling some 55 billion euros ($58 billion) from the European Union (EU) over the next four to six years, the country’s Deputy Minister of National Economy and Finance Nikos Papathanasis said.

Wake up Trudeau

Posted on   2:18 pm

The recent couple of weeks where we saw some political storm brewing between Canada and India have caused a lot of heart burn not just for the Indian diaspora in Canada but more importantly for Indian students living ..