Gouri Kishan of ’96’ fame speaks about her debut film

Gouri G Kishan

Ever since the trailer and songs of the film 96, starring Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha Krishnan, were released, the Internet has been abuzz. Many have noticed the new budding stars who played the younger version of the lead actors.

Gouri G Kishan of Chennai struck gold when she got a chance to make her debut on screen. She plays Trisha’s younger version. Speaking to News Today, Gouri said, “I heard through my uncle that director Prem Kumar was searching for an actress to play the role. So, I went for the audition and screen test. Eventually, they selected me.”

“I was informed that the shooting would happen at Kumbakonam, Thanjavur and adjoining areas,” she says and adds, ”Once we reached the place, it was all very new to me because everyone else knew what to do in a film shoot. Though I was a bit lost initially, I gave my best when it was time to act. The director let me know what he wanted from me in every scene.”

“I attended an acting workshop,” she confides. ‘The director recommended that I undergo an acting class to get experience. He didn’t want me to get cold feet. That was like a spiritual process for me,” she said.

“The film has a beautiful script. I enjoyed performing the romantic scenes,” laughs Gouri. “At one point of time in life, everyone would have had a love story. So, to shoot those scenes was like traveling back in time, re-living my schooldays. Performing those scenes came naturally to me and I loved doing them. Those would be my sweetest memories from the shoot.”

“My fundamental goal in life is to be a good journalist (she interned with News Today as reporter) and activist. Also knowing the fact that I have acting skills, feels nice. This may help me rise up the ladder to bring about some change,” she smiles.

Mohammed Rayaan