2019 Polls: Wordy duel between PMK-DMK gets ugly

The campaigning for Lok Sabha elections in Tamilnadu has reached its peak. Leaders are sweating it out under the hot sun to reach out to the voters. Adding more heat to the campaign is the war of words between the PMK and the DMK.

The parties have launched a tirade against each other and personal attacks are rampant in their speeches. What makes the contest interesting is that in the seven seats that PMK is fighting in AIADMK alliance, its main rival is DMK in six constituencies, while VCK’s Ravikumar is facing polls on DMK’s Rising Sun symbol in Villupuram.

Immediately after PMK clinched a seat sharing deal with the AIADMK, DMK president M K Stalin termed it as alliance unholy and selfish. He even alleged irregularities by Dr Ramadoss and family in the Vanniyar Trust run by them. Meanwhile, Udhayanidhi Stalin on his part described Anbumani as wonderful actor and recalled how the PMK was against the Edappadi Palaniswami government until a few weeks ago and now seeking votes in support of it.

On his part, Anubmani took a jibe at DMK and even called Stalin and Udhayanidhi for one-on-one debate to discuss about who worked for their welfare of Tamils.

Anubmani Ramadoss

When asked about the war of words, Anbumani, said, “Stalin is frustrated. He is resorting to personal attacks on me and Ramadoss. He is projecting as if the election is between PMK and DMK. We are happy because we are the tilting factor. He expected us to be in his alliance and we refused. His anger is reflected in his statement. Ours is an alliance to strengthen the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi fora second term.”

Saravanan, a spokesperson of the DMK, said, “People know what all PMK spoke against the AIADMK government. They even submitted a letter detailing corruption charges on the State government. Today they have made U-turn for their personal gains. Our leader was only highlighting their double standards. Anything is fair in war. Everyone knew what Anbumani set out to do in the last elections. We have exposed him.”

However, quick to deny the charges was senior PMK leader Balu. He said, “If Karunanidhi was alive today, he wouldn’t have allowed such personal attacks against Ramadoss. He shared a great relationship with the PMK founder which was above politics. Stalin has resorted to cheap means to defame Anbumani since PMK did not want to align with them. Had we been there in their alliance, he would have kept quiet.”

Denying his charges that PMK is a casteist party, he recalled that it was Ramadoss who fought for social justice of minorities and down-trodden.

Calling people by names and making cheap and crude comments is not what people expect from a party like DMK, he added. Since DMK is afraid of its chances in six Assembly constituencies in north Tamilnadu, they are making false allegations against us, he added.