Arvind Swami was then Simba, now he is Scar in Lion King remake

File photo of Arvind Swami

Having been Simba’s voice in the Tamil dubbed version of Disney’s 1994 animation flick, The Lion King, actor Arvind Swami has now dubbed for Scar in the 2019 remake of the movie, 25 years later.

The character of Scar, Simba’s nefarious uncle, is one of the most menacing onscreen villains of all-time.

Speaking about his role, Arvind Swami said, “It was a great learning experience, dubbing for an animated film over 20 years ago when I dubbed for Simba in The Lion King. When I was approached this time around to dub for a character in the new version of The Lion King I preferred to dub for Scar as I saw the character as the most interesting and multi-dimensional. It was an enriching professional experience.”

The Lion King will hit screens 19 July.