‘Thorati’ is inspired by real-life incidents, says director Marimuthu

Director Marimuthu’s Thorati is set in the 1980s and it throws light on the lives of shepherds.

Marimuthu says several things in the film are inspired from his real-life experiences.

Shaman Mithru, who produces the film, also debuts as hero. Sathyakala plays the heroine.

Azhagu, Sundaraj and Muthuraman are the supporting cast. The entire team was given six months training before embarking on the shooting, says Marimuthu.

He says the film talks about how the goatherd community walks miles in search of pasture for their sheep and goats, how they protect them in sheds at night and how the animals’ excreta is used as manure, etc.

Ved Shankar’s songs and Snehan’s soulful lyrics are the biggest plus for the movie, says the film-maker.

The film has made it to several international film festivals and has been critically-acclaimed.