PhonePe clocks 335 mn transactions in July

Chennai: PhonePe has announced that it has achieved an annual total payment volume (TPV) run-rate of $95 billion while clocking 335 million transactions in July.

PhonePe’s TPV run-rate has grown nearly five times in the past year, since crossing the $20Bn mark in June last year, said a release.

This phenomenal growth has come on the back of the exponential expansion of PhonePe’s merchant network, both online and offline, it added.

PhonePe has invested aggressively on its marketing activities this year and was the official co-presenting sponsor for the TV broadcast of VIVO IPL and the Official co-presenting sponsor for the TV broadcast of ICC World Cup, it added.

CEO and founder, PhonePe, Sameer Nigam, said, “We are thrilled by the rapid adoption of PhonePe services across India. Last month alone, the PhonePe app was used by 60 million users. This means one out of every 15 Indian adults used the PhonePe app in July. This is both very exciting and very humbling for our company which launched less than three years ago.”

NT Bureau