Vijay TV to launch international game show ‘The Wall’

The most successful international game show The Wall will be launched today in Vijay TV. The Wall is a massive set of 40 feet tall pegboard. Two players in pair play the game which involves just a little bit of smartness and intelligence along with luck to win a huge prize money that no one can imagine of. For the first time in India a game show that provides Rs 2.5 crores as prize money. The show will be hosted by Makapa Anand and Priyanka.

The show offers people an opportunity to win prize money with little bit of knowledge and luck. The first round consists of two people playing the game together answering trivia questions.

And then, turn their fate to a massive four-story LED Wall. At the bottom of the board with different denominations starting from rupees one numerous money bins are arranged. There are white balls, green balls and red balls that plays your game of luck.
The more questions the team gets right the more number of green balls the player can drop down the wall. Green balls will increase your money, and red balls will subtract the amount from your account balance.

From the second round, one player can stand in front of the wall and the other player is made to answer the questions from an isolated room. The person standing in front of the wall decides from which slot of the board the ball falls from the wall. In the third round, a letter of contract will be sent to the contestant in the Isolation Room, giving him/her the choice to sign the contract and take whatever the minimum guaranteed amount is.

The contestants come face to face, and the one in the Isolation Room reveals to the other whether he/she signed the contract or tore it to go with whatever money they have on the wall, decides the fate of their prize money.
The Wall will be aired on Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm.

NT Bureau