Practice Yoga for mental health and immunity, says expert

Ranjane  Kumaravelu

Chennai: A customised Yoga module for health management will reduce the labour on  the mat while improving mental health and immunity especially during this horrid  lockdown days following coronavirus outbreak, says Yoga therapist Ranjane  Kumaravelu.

Speaking to News Today, Ranjane, who is a research scholar in Yoga Therapy,  says, “Covid-19 is fast spreading today sending fears among all especially during  the hard days of lockdown. While we enjoyed staying home and remotely felt sad for  watching news on TV, we failed to accept the intensity of the new living being,  which is making room for itself among us”.

She says, “We need to learn to co-exist with Covid-19. Yoga is an ancient science,  which is fast becoming a go-to trajectory to find preventive and curative care for  ailments and illness.”

“The Yoga Therapy research executed by SVYASA Yoga University reveals that it has
therapeutic benefits in improving the immunity of the people helping each one  handle the Covid-19 from deep within”.

“The secrets of Yoga reveals the power to master the MI techniques (Mental hygiene and Immunity). The virus outbreak has crushed the MI collapsing the very ecosystem,  which is responsible for fighting at the time of pandemics”.

Ranjane, who is also the founder Rishivignan Center For Higher Learning, says,  “Mental hygiene is connected with the intrapersonal relationship with the inner  self. This intrapersonal relationship is directly connected with the way our immune  system functions, keeping you fit.”

Asked about Yoga therapy, she says, “It helps one to streamline internal and external hygiene, food hygiene, regular self-practice, breath in right, intra- personal and interpersonal relationship, movements and relaxation, discovering self  to make the MI strong.”

“Yoga therapy gives enough room to create a unique module based on the individual.  A customised Yoga module for health management will reduce the labor on the mat  while improving Mental Health and Immunity.”

“The immune responses work during the incubation and non-severe stages among affected individuals. Lung inflammation is the main cause of life-threatening  respiratory disorders caused by Covid-19.”

She adds, “Specially customised asana practices, appropriate pranayamas along with  relaxation, meditation, and mantras chants produce a wide variety of immunity to  fight or avert the viral infection.”

“A study on healthy individuals doing transcendental meditation showed higher blood  levels, a significant correlation between brain activity as compared to non meditators.”

All this proves that yoga practices pointing to the relationship between Yoga and health, she winds up.

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