Review: Sangathalaivan

Manimaran after Udhayam NH and Pughazh comes out with Sangathalaivan. It stars
Samuthirakani and Karunaas in lead roles.

Inspired by the novel Thariyudan, it speaks about labour welfare and the relevance of left labour unions set amidst poweloom houses.

Set in a village which thrives on small powerloom where labours toil for over 12 hours in unsafe conditions, the film speaks about efforts taken by a few to bring changes in their lives.

The movie revolves around karunaas, an upright worker in a mill run by Marimuthu. He staya away from labour union leader Samuthirakani, fearing he may lose his job. Samuthirakani is ably assisted in all his tasks by his wife Ramya Subramaniam.

As it happens, one incident changes Karuna as life. He ia compelled to take side with Samuthirakani. A series of battle begins which culminates in an emotional manner. A revenge saga. Left is right ends the filmmaker.

A typical Samuthirakani does a good act. He plays a valourous labour union leader. Ramya as his wife is excellent choice. Sunulakshmi and Marimuthu does a good job. The flesh and blood of the film is Karunaas. He emotes well and fits the bill well.

Sangathalaivan provides a good watch. The characters shown with various emotions engrosses audience. Had it been less preachy, this sure to leave an impact.