Is blood donation during Covid safe?

Chennai: Covid-19 has disrupted the day-to-day life of tens of thousands of people around us. The series of waves and the fast spread of this disease created panic not just with the layman but also among the real-time heroes, the blood donors.

Covid also created new myths and beliefs on blood donation among blood donors. Blood must come from generous donors as it cannot be manufactured in laboratories or factories.

To keep the volunteering tradition alive, to encourage the donors to donate blood and dispel the myths and beliefs of blood donation during Covid, Fortis Hospital organised a blood donation drive along with cinema celebrities Anjali Rao (actress), Praveen Saravanan (filmmaker), Suresh Ravi (actor-producer), Ranjith Manikandan (film director) and Sanjay Pandey (zonal director, Fortis).

“Covid has impacted the blood banks’ reserve across regions. The voluntary blood donation has affected the national blood supply due to Covid-19; also, the blood donation drive has plunged by 20 percent in the state during pandemic,” said Pandey.


NT Bureau