‘Humans are dangerous; animals are not’

There is always a concealed story and inexplicable toil behind every wildlife photograph we see. The journey is arduous. Wildlife enthusiast and CEO of Mastodon Solstein, Arun Bharadwaj Padmanaban(29) elucidates about his hard journey of wildlife for 20 years, his experience and about nature in a free-wheeling chat with News Today.

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Puma collaborates with Rubik’s Cube

PUMA x RUBIK’S Brand Ltd have joined together to create a collection inspired by the iconic Rubik’s Cube, a toy that has challenged millions and kept minds active for over 40 years. The game, invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Erno Rubik, has become one of the best-selling toys of all time.

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‘History is better seen than heard’

History is better seen than heard, says ‘Panipat: The Great Betrayal’ producer Rohit Shelatka. India is a land of rich historical values, with a legacy that dates back to the beginning of human civilization. There are a number of stories just waiting to be told. The tales of spirit and bravery are synonymous with Maratha warriors of old, and Indian period movies have barely showcased the same to the audience to create awareness. Continue Reading

Platinum Days of Love presents ‘Greater Together’

Platinum Days of Love, PGI India’s flagship programme has launched its latest collection of Platinum Love Bands called ‘Greater Together’. The new season’s collection embodies the #GreaterTogether concept in three themes namely ‘So different and so in love’,’Twin souls in love’, and ‘The circle of love’.

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Protect baby skin from winter dryness

Speaking to parents on why extra moisturization is important for baby’s skin, Dr Subhashini N S of The Himalaya Drug Company, says, “Extra moisturization for dry skin becomes particularly important during winter. Thus, maintaining a skin care routine and using natural products free from parabens, alcohol, artificial color/dyes, mineral oils, SLS/SLES/ALES, and phthalates during winter is of utmost importance for your baby’s skin.” Continue Reading

Defining identity and experience through art

Forum Art Gallery, Adyar presents ‘Identity and Experience’, an art exhibition that delves into the way how individual experiences and perceptions are knotted in shaping one’s own identity. The exhibition showcases the works of popular artists exploring notions of identity based on their experience to convey a myriad of thoughts that elucidated the sacred, reverend and the earthly.

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