Captain (in) America: Is Vijayakant 2.0 getting ready?

Chennai: The tired and meek voice of DMDK supporters has found new vigour after the release of their party chief Vijayakant’s photos from America on the internet.

In the pictures uploaded by his social networking handles, a new look, fitter and more confident Vijayakant can be seen relaxing with his family.

His supporters who have been thirsting for news on their beloved leader found reasons to cheer after a long time and the photos became viral on the internet.

Vijayakant had been suffering from various health conditions for the last few years. The most notable being his speech issues that many say is caused by a thyroid problem.

His political career suffered a major setback because of this. Following this, his family took him to America on 7 July for a 40-day treatment and for a change of atmosphere.

Meanwhile, it is an open knowledge that DMDK lost many followers in the last few years. This was mainly because internet trolls targeted Vijayakant over various issues including his voice and severely damaged his reputation.

But this was not always the case. There was a time not so long ago when DMDK was the second most popular party in the State and its leader,  commanded respect.

The heydays
If you rewind to 2011, a major shift in the Tamilnadu political arena happened when DMDK overtook DMK to become the second largest political party and the main opposition to the ruling AIADMK in the assembly.

Just a few months later, we witnessed scenes of a fiery Vijayakant standing up against the erstwhile Chief Minister, the mighty Jayalalitha herself in the Assembly.

Fans and supporters of DMDK chief would have replayed the scenes of Vijayakant rolling back his tongue in anger, over and over again in their minds. The meteoric rise in numbers of the actor/politician’s supporters was the envy of the political circle.

The fall
Cut to the present, both the party and its chief are seldom seen or written as major headlines. Plagued with various health problems, Vijayakant even lost his voice that connected him with the masses.

His famed body language that attracted thousands had suddenly become fodder for meme creators and his reputation took serious damage.

In a recent survey conducted by a popular TV channel to determine who the people would vote for in the current political climate, the DMDK name was nowhere to be found.

The party supporters and fans had also gone restless as there were no updates from their Thalaivar except for occasional statements and press releases on the problems in the State.

The Dark Knight Rises
But, all this might be in the past. Party insiders say that Vijayakant is gearing up to face the elections next year and has planned early campaigning for the same.

Meanwhile, thousands of his supporters here conducted prayers across Tamilnadu for his speedy recovery. A few days back, a voice clip of Vijayant emerged where the actor could be seen thanking his fans.

The actor revealed that he would be coming back to speak to his fans in person in the DMDK’s public conference in Tirupur to commemorate the party’s 14th anniversary on 16 September.

DMDK members will have their fingers crossed for Vijayant’s resurgence and a change in their party’s fortunes.