Chennaiites request for sewage treatment plants in lake

Chennai: Sprawled over 900 acres, Korattur lake in the city is one of the largest waterbodies in the city.

However, it is badgered with industrial effluents and domestic garbage and sewage since the past several years and the residents have been cleaning the lake since two years.

Korattur lake is also connected with Ambattur lake and Retteri lake in th elocality; the surplus water from each gets transported to the other.

As all the three waterbodies are surrounded by several manufacturing units, they are plagued by encroachments and sewage.

Without being deterred by the perennial problem, the residents have joined hands with several NGOs to restore the waterbody in Korattur.

The team has been actively involved in the clean-up programme since the month of May.

Volunteers from Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) and Bhumi, students from school, colleges and orphanages have also taken part in the citizen initiative,

“Every Thursday, we gather, run along and have removed around two tonnes of garbage in the last 13 weeks and seemai karuvelam from the lake and the bunds,” said Krishna Kumar, a resident of Korattur.

“It is good that the Corporation workers are cooperating with us. Every time we clean the waterbody, the conservancy staff dispose the waste which is very welcoming. Work to strengthen the lake bunds is on full swing,”added he.

While it is mandatory that the public places should have restrooms, the absence of which has led to miscreants use the waterbody to indulge in open defecation.

The volunteers also try to create awareness about the ill-effects of the same and reiterate on having a toilet in the vicinity.

He added,”Setting up a common Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) could prevent the effluents mixing with lake and the Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) should be used effectively for pumping sewage water.”

This news report is based on the inputs from Krishna Kumar, a resident of Korattur. He is our Journalist of the week.