Chennaiite makes learning fun for toddlers with her book

Saleha Banu book launch was presided by Education Minister Sengottaiyan.

Chennai: In this digital world, making little ones read is quite a challenge.

Saleha Banu, a teacher from Choolaimedu, in the city has taken this task upon herself, with her recently-launched ‘Learn, Play and Wonder’, a book for nursery children.

The author who was a teacher for four decades, says that she wanted to reorganise today’s education system and hence had come up with this work that comprises many activities for toddlers.

Speaking about her book, Saleha says,”I realised that at one point, it is only a few children who are getting benefited through traditional teaching. I wanted to remove this disparity. If a child is not good at Maths, s/he will be good at English or Music, so it is important to find the intelligence profile of the child and provide education accordingly.”

“There are eight distinct kinds of learners namely Naturalistic, Logical, Linguistic, Interpersonal, Bodily Kinesthetic, Intrapersonal, Spatial and Musical. Hence it is important for teachers and parents to identify what type of a learner a child is and teach them likewise,” she elaborates.

After her voluntary retirement, Saleha had started her own school ‘Daliya’ at her home and ran it successfully until 2016.

“I found out that the activities that were used in my institution, helped children. Later, when I trained nursery teachers, I used those experiences and wrote this guide,” she states.

“The book contains 26 chapters with 10 activities each, all of which are based on intelligence types,” notes Fathima, her daughter, a teacher herself.

“The concepts are frugal and doesn’t require the parent to spend much. These can be done by using materials available in the home itself,” she adds.

Saleha plans out to bring out the book in regional languages too, it is learnt.

“The paperback version is available on Amazon,” she concludes.

For more details, visit or contact Saleha Banu at 9176020532.