Say no to plastic flags: Environment minister Vardhan

New Delhi: Union Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan welcomed the government’s decision to restrict the use of plastic flags ahead of the Independence Day, saying it was a timely step considering India’s commitment to discourage single-use plastic.

In an advisory to states and Union Territories, the Home Ministry said on important national, cultural and sports events, flags made of paper only are to be used by public in terms of the provisions of the ‘Flag Code of India, 2002,’ and such paper flags are not to be discarded or thrown on the ground after the event.

“Ban on the use of national flag made of plastic by #MinOfHomeAffairs is a timely step considering India’s commit. to discourage #SingleUsePlastic, as these flags are not #biodegradable & their disposal, commensurate with dignity of flag a practical problem. @moefcc, @rajnathsingh,” Vardhan tweeted.

In the recently issued advisory, the Centre has urged all the citizens not to use national flags made of plastic and asked the states and the Union Territories to ensure strict compliance of the flag code.

The advisor said the national flag represents hopes and aspirations of the people of India and hence should occupy a position of honour.