Tambaram Municipality helps plastic waste go useful

Chennai: Better days are ahead for Tambaram in the city suburb as efforts to handle waste, plastic in particular, are being taken up.

According to sources, Tambaram Municipality is said to have entered into an agreement with Tamilnadu Cements Corporation Limited (TANCEM) in this regard.

As part of the pact, Tambaram Municipality has began sending plastic as a raw material to the cement factory in Ariyalur.

An official said the plastic is sent to a common store and from there it is sent to the cement factory.

Tambaram Municipality has implemented source segregation.

Food, vegetable, kitchen and garden waste are sent to composting units and materials that can be recycled are sold to scrap dealers.

The proceeds are shared by the workers engaged for the job. Sources point out that the same is being implemented in Anakaputhur Municipality also. They have sent more than six tonnes of plastic so far.

The Municipal officials are educating people in the suburb on the need to bring down waste. School children have been told to use biodegradable plastic carry bags for effective disposal of plastic waste.

Commercial establishments like hotels have been asked to implement bio-gas plants on their premises, officials said.

Tough steps are also being taken to discourage use of plastic that is below 50 microns.”We have been conducting raids regularly in the neighbourhood and seizing plastic below 50 microns,” the official said.