Posh locality in Chennai needs drainage system

Chennai: Residents of Natco Colony in Palavakkam in the city have fond memories of how this area evolved.

But unfortunately, the development has appeared to have happened at a cost.

“There are 27 plots in Natco Colony. This is the oldest and the first approved layout in ECR way back in 1970’s,” recalled advocate S Srinivasan.

However when the remaining areas made tall buildings and laid roads, Natco Colony was at the receiving end.

For example, during torrential rains, the area was totally stagnated. “If our houses get flooded. It takes months to pump out the water,” he said. This is primarily because the locality does not have a drainage system, it is learnt.

“The houses still have septic tanks and families have to engage private lorries to clean. The Corporation has not taken any steps to construct sewage drains,” Srinivasan said.

Residents also claimed that there are several cases of encroachments in the area which has added to the problem and felt that it’s time the authorities relay the roads here.

Also, the layout does not have adequate space for children to play. A woman resident noted,”We cannot send our children outside. There is neither a park nor a recreation centre.”

When ‘News Today’ visited the spot one evening, a number of cars and vans were parked outside a nearby school in the residential area.

The entire space was highly congested with four and two-wheelers trying to find their way out. Srinivasan said,”Despite each family donating their land to the government for Open Space Reservation, nothing beneficial came out of it. We want a healthy life, and the lack of open spaces is depriving us of it.”