Real life ‘Boys’ story unfolds in Chennai

Chennai: College-goers often find it difficult to pursue their creative passion as they need to concentrate on their studies. But a group of five Chennai boys balances it remarkably. They call themselves ‘Waffles and Warfare.’

If you assume it as either a yummy fusion food or the name of a video game, you are wrong. It is the name of their Alt Rock / Metal band.

The band has Sadok Lucky (18) as its drummer, Samuel Paul (18) as rhythm guitarist, John Solomon (19) as bassist, Jubal Jose (19) as lead guitarist and Paul David (19) as vocalist. Speaking to ‘News Today’, Paul shares how it started.

“Jubal and I are school friends and we had our first band together there. Later when we joined college, we wanted to create a band and that was when we came across Sadok, Samuel and John.”

It was the collective passion for music that made these youngsters to come together. “We wanted to take part in music fests and other such competitions and thus we joined hands,” smiles Paul. The band back then performed as ‘The Warning Signs.’

‘We didn’t find the name catchy nor were we confident about the music we were performing and so we took a long break,” recalls Paul. “But again in the beginning of 2018, we decide to come together and create some new original music.’

They renamed their band as ‘Waffles and Warfare.’ “Waffles’ denotes the soft melodic music while ‘Warfare’ is for the heavy metal music we compose,”smiles Paul.

He then explains how he pens down the lyrics and how he find ideas.

“I hum to myself a lot throughout the day and once I find a tune stuck in my head I record a voice note of it, as well as pen down a main idea for a song. Then in my free time I try expanding on that,” he says.

“Inspiration comes from the most random places, like I once saw my sister playing with a kaleidoscope and I looked through it and decided it would be a cool idea for a song.”

He also adds that he reads a lot of poetry and tries using that language to make their song sound even better. Once the lyrics is done, the boys then create a rough piece of music which suits the rhythm and eventually record it. They once performed at The Phoenix Mall in Velacheri.

Each boy is inspired by several different musicians but they share a common admiration for ‘Petrucci and Wolves At The Gate’ – a metal band from the US.

Why do they sing and what keeps pushing them to perform together?

“We want others to have a good time when they listen to our songs. We want to share with them our passion. This is what makes us play music,” signs off Paul.

The boys can be reached through their Facebook page @wafflesandwarfaretheband