Remember these hints to dazzle on your special day

It is the season of weddings. Drooling over Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s roka ceremony, one can expect their wedding to be on an even grander scale.

With event managers making up your work easy with their catalogues on various designs and styles for your wedding, from the entrance decorations to stage setups, from catering to dressing, from candid shots to flash mobs, any wedding can be changed into a fairytale, but the princess, which is you, needs to look her best on the big day.


Sleep is one of the most important factors often overlooked by many youngsters. Excited over tying the knot with their beloved, can make many lose their beauty sleep.

On an average, a person needs to sleep for 6-7 hours. Having many events ahead of the wedding can also make you lose sleep. Try to wind them up as soon as possible. Try to maintain the same sleep schedule and you won’t look like a raccoon.


Being the bride-to-be, can make people get overjoyed and gift you loads of sweets and chocolates. As much as you are addicted to them, you need to realise that more is dangerous. A small piece will not harm you, rather it might soothe your senses, but do not go overboard.

Try to drink water as often as possible or a glass per hour. Maintain a daily diet of fruits and green vegetables, that will not only make your skin shine from within, but also make your body feel light.


A special moment to be cherished is when you are buying your wedding dress. Be it for wedding or reception, all eyes will be on you.

Apart from getting the latest fashion, make sure it flatters your body shape and matches your wedding theme.

Try out the dress a various times before the wedding so that you are comfortable in it and there are no hassles in the eleventh hour.


Just like shopping, make-up is important to make you look pretty on your special day. Try it out with your wedding dress to check if it is appropriate so that you do not look overdressed in the photos. Check in advance for any allergies or you might end up with a zit on the wedding morning.

All said and done, chill, relax and calm yourself. It is your special day and every single moment needs to be cherished, so do not think too much but let things flow.