From Joker to gangster..

Guru Somasundaram, who played the lead in ‘Joker’ dons the role of a terror gangster in ‘Vanjagar Ulagam’.

It is a crime thriller directed by Manoj Beedha, will release on 7 September. The film revolves around the murder of a young woman.

The film has been certified ‘A’ by the CBFC. Beedha says that he has still been asked to remove a few scenes from the film and mute some dialogues

Lyrics have been penned by Madhan Karky while the music is composed by Sam CS. He used many live instruments for the recording of the film.

Guru Somasundharam said,”I was shocked when I was told that I’m a gangster in the film. But, Beedha has made sure that there are no unnecessary characters in the movie. That said, I have to admit that this film and role are completely different from what I have done thus far.”