NGO in Chennai seeks for proper railover bridge

Chennnai: For those who regularly travel to and from Ambattur in the city know that the Railover bridge (ROB) is the only easy way in and out of the locality. Take it out and the place would become an island with only a couple of other long routes to enter the city.

For years, residents and members of Oorani Maiyam a non-governmental organisation have been asking for strengthening and widening of the ROB to ease traffic flow and reduce the ever present congestion at the spot.

Ramalingam, a resident, in his email to News Today said, “Widening of the bridge near TI cycles is getting delayed because of the inaction of the State government officials. Divisional manager of the Railways informed that the proposal should be forwarded from the State government to Railways which is yet to reach.”

The issue was taken up by Oorani Maiyam who met the Collector of Thiruvallur and held discussions.

Treasurer of the NGO, K B Anbazhagan, said, “The Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) has repeatedly told us that they have not received any notification from the Greater Chennai Corporation and the Thiruvallur District officials regarding the matter. We have even met our MP in Delhi regarding the matter.”

“The reason is simple, if the bridge is damaged, traffic will come to a standstill at Ambattur. Our MLA always gives us the same answer that the necessary consent was already given to the Railways. Traffic is already on the rise at the spot and we at the moment, due to the construction of compound wall at the spot, congestion has increased. Keeping future developments in mind, the government bodies must come together and make a quick decision,” he added.

The NGO has also been batting for building a subway to prevent accidents from happening. They have also been persistent in bringing express lanes at Ambattur Railway Station that would increase the significance of the area.

Anbazhagan can be contacted at 9566084540.