Producers Council plans big fete for Maestro Ilayaraja

As music legend Ilayaraja turned 75 this year, Tamil Film Producers Council is planning to hold a mega event, titled Ilayaraja75, in Chennai 2-3 February. A mega musical show is also being planned.

The producers council has urged the entire film fraternity, including top film stars, to attend. All shooting are reportedly cancelled for those two days.

Doyens of the industry will honour Ilayaraja on the occasion.

Ilayaraja, who started his career with Annakili in the late 1970s, has achieved a rare feat. Besides winning several awards and accolades, he has completed 1,000 films.

A gold medalist in classical guitar from Trinity College of Music, London, he has composed over 7,000 songs and performed more than 20,000 concerts.