Dhanvantari Nano Ayushadi launches new centre in Chennai

University of Missouri Cancer Nanotechnology Platform director / scientist Kattesh V Katti, DNA chairman Abhayakumar and Nandife MD Deepak Abhayakumar at the inauguration of Nanolife, a chain of specialty nanotechnology medical centres, in Chennai on Monday.

Chennai: “In 2016, the global cancer immunotherapy market was valued at 45 billion dollars and it is said to reach 152.83 billion dollars by 2024,” said University of Missouri Cancer Nanotechnology Platform director/scientist Kattesh V Katti.

He said this while inaugurating Dhanvantari Nano Ayushadi Pvt Ltd’s (DNA’s) Nanolife, a chain of specialty nanotechnology medical centres, in Chennai yesterday.

“Nano technology has a wide range of applications especially in the field of medicine. It has been proved to be effective against eradicating cancer and also mitigating its effects. Multiple researches have proved that nanotechnology can reduce the growth of cancer cells much more faster than what conventional allopathic medicines can do,” he added.

DNA chairman Abhayakumar, who is also the chairman of LifeCell International Pvt Ltd, said, “Nanolife will provide treatments in the field of oncology, immunology, diabetes, orthopedics and infectious diseases. Being a Startup India initiative licensed and accredited by the Ministry of AYUSH, Nanolife imbibes the use of silver and gold nanotechnology for adjuvant medical purposes. Our treatment named Arbudari focuses on the decision to not use man-made chemicals. It is a combination of gold nanoparticles with potent natural ingredients that target tumour cells in the body directly without attacking healthy tissue. The main aim of nanomedicine is to boost our body’s immune system to help it fight cancer and to ensure a better quality of life through the treatment period.”

Regarding future plans, he said, “With this launch, we also have plans to open two more clinics in Adyar and Mount Road in Chennai and other parts of Tamilnadu. We also have plans to open similar centres in Ahmedabad, Hubli and Mumbai in the next three months and information centres across the city. Over 50 centres across India is our target.”

Nanolife managing director Deepak Abhayakumar and Shriram Life Insurance managing director Akhila Srinivasan were also present on the occasion.