Chennai-based filmmaker’s movie makes waves at international festivals

Kollywood has numerous budding directors who wish to break into the industry. Engineer-turned-director, Dharani is one such person. His film, Gnanaserukku has received numerous accolades at international film festivals. For the last four years, Dharani and his team of young cinema lovers have work hard to produce this film.

In a chat with News Today, he narrates how the movie came about. Dharani says that he started making short films while he was in college. “It was a great learning experience and it made me explore cinema more,” he says.

* About Gnanaserukku
The 29-year-old got together a band of techies and engineers who had a passion for film-making. “Like any directors, I too faced problems to keep the production running,” he says. “When we were about to start, the 2015 floods happened and we had to stop,” he says.

Failing to secure a producer, Dharani opted for crowd-funding. But even that wasn’t enough. “We filmed whenever we had money. Especially during the end of the month as it was when we got our salary,” he says. Some of his relatives also sponsored. “The movie was completed thanks to the love poured by my friends and relatives,” he adds.

* Losing a star
Dharani got in touch with acclaimed artiste Veera Santhanam who played the lead role. “He was the backbone for this movie,” he says. Veera unfortunately died after finishing his work. “It was a big set back for us,” Dharani says. “Many lost hope about the production. But then after six months, we got back together and decided to finish it, no matter what,” he says.

* Talk on freedom of speech
What is the movie about? “The theme is on freedom of speech. It is about an artiste who creates his work,” says Dharani. At a film festival in New York, the movie was recognised for its original screenplay. “It is for youngsters and it’s a motivational film,” he says.

* Souls and silver screen
What pushed Dharani and his team to finish the movie after meeting many obstacles? “As we are film makers it kept us going. As an independent team, we have given our heart and soul for the film.” Now, Dharani is looking forward to promote his film through distributors Reach him at 98403 72966. For more details, visit