‘Thozhar Venkatesan’ is set in Kanchipuram

Move over Madurai. It is now the Kanchipuram. Thozhar Venkatesan by debutant Maha Sivan speaks about the predicament of a youngster from the temple town.

The movie revolves around a youngster, who runs his business in Rangasamy Kulam. He loses his hands in a accident.

The travails that he faces to get compensation from the government transport corporation forms the crux.

A former associate of director Suseenthiran, Maha Sivan, says, “It is based on real life incident in my fiend’s life.” A native of Vandavasi, he says, “The protagonist is not a communist, but my movie will speak communism.”

“Harishankar and Monicka Chinnakotla play the lead roles. In the movie the hero runs a small soda factory, while the heroine runs a roadside eatery. His life takes a turn after he is hit by a government bus. There is romance, humour and emotions. We have tried to convey a strong message too.” The movie will be released Suseenthiran’s Kala Films soon.