Chennaiites want Lazarus Church Road to be relaid

Chennai: Residents and commuters going through the Lazarus Church Road regularly are irked with the condition of the road and wants it to be relaid at the earliest.

Earlier this year, the entire stretch of the road was dug up to lay the metrowater pipelines and it was just closed temporarily and left as it is without being re-laid.

Vijay, a resident of the locality says, “The work to lay the pipelines happened nearly at the start of the year and since the pipelines were laid at the centre of the road, we used only the remaining portion of the road for plying both to and fro. However after the work was completed, we expected the roads in the locality to be relaid but we did not get a new road.”

With the dug up portion of the road, just covered with sand temporarily, people still use the remaining portion of the road and making use of the situation are drivers who park their car on the other side.

Francis, a church goer says, “It is very difficult for people coming to the church to walk in this stretch because, with vehicles parked on one side and vehicles plying on both sides coming on the other, there is no space to walk on the stretch and unless the new road is relaid, the drivers will make use of the situation to park their cars illegally on the street,” he says.

With the road also muddy, it poses a risk of skidding for motorists. “I have seen many two wheelers getting skid while applying brake here as the road is sandy. While the roads were relaid in other streets like Periapalli street, we are not sure why it is taking so long to re-lay the road here, which is one of the most used roads in the locality that connects Santhome High Road and Second Trust Main Road,” adds Francis.