Day 46: Lord Athi Varadar darshan in beautiful floral dress (video)

Chennai: With just one more day to go for the Athi Varadar vaibhavam in Kanchipuram to end for the public, the Lord was today seen dressed in  pushpangi (floral dress).

All these days, Lord Athi Varadar was found in silk robes and flowers but today, the 46th day of public darshan, He was found in a floral dress that was made of many kinds of flowers.

From the crown on His head to His feet, jasmine, rose and a variety of flowers was used to make the floral dress.

Special mention must be made of the green manoranjitham and kodi sampangi flowers that were used to adorn the deity.

Due to Aadi Garuda Sevai in the Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple, where the idol is placed in the Vasantha Mandapam, the darshan duration was today cut short by eight hours. The temple doors were closed at 2 pm and there was darshan till 5 pm for those inside the temple before that.

Today marks the last day of Athi Varadar VIP darshan. There will be only podhu darshan (general darshan) tomorrow.

So, devotees and pilgrims thronged the Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple in large numbers today and it can only get more crowded tomorrow, as it is the last day of darshan of the 48-day vaibhavam.

On 17 August, the idol will be readied for being returned to the temple pond, called Anantha Saras.

The Athi Vardar vaibhavam began 1 July when the Lord was seen in sayana thirukolam (reclining posture) and from 1 August, in ninra thirukolam.

Photos /video: D Sundar