Adidas unveils ‘Faster Than’ campaign

Adidas SL 20

Adidas announced the launch of its latest campaign, ‘Faster Than’ which aims to shine a light on the inspiring self-betterment stories of runners around the world. As part of the campaign, Adidas has crafted a range of new shoes that enable runners to achieve their personal feeling of fast.

Features such as the new lightweight SL20 design, with a cutting-edge Lightstrike midsole for explosive movements and enduring speed add variety to the existing line up of Adidas’ running franchises.

VP Design, Adidas Running, Sam Handy said, ‘As a creator brand, we know that performing at your best is personal. That’s why our new range of products have been engineered to empower every runner, whatever their motivation or goal to perform at their best. At Adidas, we pride ourselves on implementing a meticulous, intrepid design process for each shoe we create. Informed by Adidas Running community insights, each one of our new products is subsequently made possible and brought to life through a
combination of our fearless visionary approach and ground-breaking design innovations. The result is a carefully crafted suite of accessible and inclusive products that cater for all types of runner.’