DEP develops medical protection devices during Covid-19

Chennai: With Covid-19, the entire globe has come to a standstill, affecting lives and businesses of thousands. Amidst this, Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) has switched to virtual workforce and is continuing to lend its services and support to its customers.

According to a press release, in order to directly contribute directly, DEP team members have developed products to support the medical industry and combat Covid-19. The team has joined hands with the local manufacturing suppliers and has developed personal protection medical devices. These include:

Aerosol Blocker: The Aerosol Blocker helps with the prevention of infectious water droplets / breathe vapour from circulating. It creates a barrier and can prevent the spread of airborne aerosol droplets from infected patients during times that they cough/speak/sputter. It is designed in a round shape ensuring no sharp edges or corners. This better facilitates quality interaction between patients and medical staff. Since it has a short lead time, it can be mass produced.

Protective Face Shield: The Protective Face Shield solution has been designed as a proactive measure to address the acute shortage of protective wear for medical personnel in the current pandemic situation. It provides protection to the eyes and face of the user from direct spray and splatter. Available in multiple styles to fit diverse preferences, the full-face shields are offered with masks and reusable frames. The shield has a clear plastic of appropriate thickness and curved shield design which helps with maximum visibility and coverage.