Say hi to Nila, India’s first digital model


Chennai: At a time when the fashion industry prepares for a digital-led future for shows and events in the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, a Mumbai-based artist and talent management agency, Inega, has already created a digital showstopper.

Inega debuted the model, Nila, on Instagram (@nila.gram), claiming that the character is India’s first ‘virtual model’. ‘Her primary characteristic is kindness and her favourite emotion is love. Otherwise, she’s shy and private and detests anything fake,’ says Inega CEO Ankit Mehta.

“The worlds of fashion and brand endorsements are extremely dynamic ones. With an ever-evolving preference palate and mindset, there is an appetite for newer experiences and concepts. After 20 years of launching and managing unique and talented individuals who represent the wide expanse of India and the world, we believe the time is right for Nila,” adds Mehta

“Nila’s guiding principle, as she learns more about the world, is to treat those around her with fairness. And, consequently, to be treated fairly. Her favourite emotion is love…. She detests fakery in all its forms and believes that kindness can save the world,” Mehta states.

Nila means ‘moon’ in Tamil. “Nila, as we see her, could build a road to create the concept of supermodels in India. We are conscious of India, who she is and what she stands for and it was important for Nila, who may one day represent India outside her geographical boundaries to reflect us.”

Another digital model named Leena Khurana popped up on Instagram claiming to be “India’s first CGI fashion girl—Delhi brat, Bombay bred”.

Globally, brands such as Valentino, Dior and Prada have already welcomed virtual models into their campaigns, to complement real models.