Parliament session: Govt works out new sitting plan for LS, RS

New Delhi: Parliament’s monsoon session may begin from the first week of September and is unlikely to see the two Houses assembling simultaneously.

According to reports, a new sitting plan is expected for both Houses based upon social distancing and other measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Keeping the coronavirus pandemic in mind, the Parliament session this time is expected to include a number of firsts to ensure each member’s safety.

As per updates, the Rajya Sabha Secretariat has been asked to complete the preparation for the Monsoon Session by the third week of August. By end of August, testing, rehearsal and final inspection of all necessary arrangements will take place before the session begins.

Four large (85 inches) display screens will be set up in the chambers and six smaller (40 inches) screens and audio consoles in the four galleries, as well as cables to transmit real-time audio-visual signals and communications consoles to enable members to participate in debates and discussions.

There are also proposals to install an ultraviolet irradiation system in the air-conditioning unit of the Rajya Sabha to kill germs and viruses.