Arabian tales

Michael Patty Raja is the first Tamil film to be shot in Arabia. Starring Nikesh Ram, Perkin, Kovai Sarala, Kousalya, Motta Rajendran, Thambi Ramaiya, Ravi Mariya and R Sundhar Rajan, it is produced by Spellbound Films Inc.

Written and directed by Francis S, it has music by Sudheep and Ashwamithra and camera by Manoj Pillai.

Says the director, ‘The movie is about a Tamilan who goes to work in Arabia. He is cheated by broker. But the hero manages to find a job for livelihood. Ge comes across an Arabian girl and falls for her . Meanwhile, a ghost follows him. How he escapes from ghost and face opposition successfully and marry the girl of his choice is the movie’.

Besides a huge star cast, host of Arabians and Pakistani people have acted in the movie, he adds.

It is a family entertainer. The movie has managed U certificate. It will be out soon, he adds.