Making the maximum out of minimally invasive surgeries

Dr MM Yusuf

Chennai: An accelerated pace of life triggered by instant gratification while still seated in front of a screen for hours together has brought about a spike in the probability of heart diseases and a dip in survival rates.

With the intent of giving back to the community, cardiac expert Dr MM Yusuf uses the science of medicine to weed out the deeply concerning and a widely popular (in multiple senses) problem in light: the complexities of the human heart.

As he simply puts it, ‘Heart surgeries are primarily done for two reasons. One – ‘symptomatic’ relief which refers to giving a good quality of life. The second being the ‘prognostic’ relief which refers to preventing death. Bringing immediate safety and long term benefits of the patient into this equation proves how robotic and minimally invasive cardiac surgeries can be a Godsend.

Having understood the essence of cardiac surgeries through personal life experiences at a very young age, Dr Yusuf elaborately pursued his career in Cardiothoracic surgery.

His medical journey, as he recalls, started with traditional open-heart surgery and swiftly moved to minimally invasive and robotic surgery.

Post his discovery of the technology that could benefit a massively populated country like India, he and his family have returned to give our country the best of care.

Under the able guidance of his mentor Dr Frank Praet, Dr Yusuf set up a robotic cardiac surgery program.