Senthil Balaji demands apology from Annamalai

Chennai: Electricity Minister V Senthil Balaji has said that BJP president K Annamalai should apologise for making allegations against him without proof.

Senthil Balaji said that he is not going to respond to baseless allegation anymore. The issue started after a press meet by Senthil Balaji on 20 October during which he said that all the works of the TNEB are now being carried out to right the wrongs that were done during the AIADMK regime.

Following this Annamalai said that he has proof for malpractices in the Electricity department headed by Senthil Balaji.

Responding to this Senthil Balaji said that Annamalai should release the proof for his claims or should apologise within 24 hours.

Annamalai released a excel sheet claiming it to have the proof for his allegations. However, Senthil Balaji said that the excel sheet contained details about the payments made to zonal office.