Review: Marutha

Marutha, directed by GRS, a former associate of veteran filmmaker Bharathirajs is an emotional rural tale. Typical to his master’s films GRS has made sure his maide venture stays earthy and rustic.
He also plays the lead. The movie has music by Ilaiyaraaja. Produced by Sabapathy with cinematography by Pattukottai Ramesh.
Radhika Sarathkumar, Saravanan, Vela Ramamurthy, Viji Chandrasekhar and Ganja Karuppu play prominent roles. The movie speaks about the pros and cons of Sei Murai aka  ‘Moi Virundhu’ that one can see in southern districts of Tamilnadu.
It is generally help struggling families to start a business or settle their dues of for getting their son or daughter married Many benefitted while a few who could not contribute for it ended their life fearing disgrace. The movie speaks in detail about two families and their travails after one such event.
‘The movie revolvrs around Radhika. GRS plays his son while  Lovely, daughter of Viji Chandrasekhar is the heroine. The cast includes Saravanan, Marimuthu and Ganja Karuppu. The highlight is Viji Chandrasekharin a hard-hitting role.
Radhika highs limelight, Viji is powerful while GRS is hyper. Saravanan plays it soft and sedate. Ilaiyaraaja’s Music adds value specially with one Amma song.
Though it is engaging in parts, length is a problem.
Marutha is for those who love rural tales.