RSS spreading hatred, says Thiruma

Chennai: VCK leader Thol Thirumavalavan dubbed RSS “a dangerous organisation eager to spread hate against Muslims and Christians”.The organisation should be prevented from strengthening its presence in Tamil Nadu, the VCK leader said. Thirumavalavan, who was in Chennai on Sunday morning, later left for Madurai, distributing free copies of the Manusmriti in both cities. A Madurai based advocate later filed a complaint against Thirumavalavan for his comments against RSS.The RSS has based its ideology on the Manusmriti, said the VCK leader, adding that “if people knew what was in the book, the RSS would disappear because it will be shunned by the people.”Speaking to reporters after distributing free copies of the Manusmriti at the Koyambedu busstand in Chennai as part of the VCK’s move to distribute one lakh books throughout the state, he said Hindus based all their rituals, from weddings to funerals, on the Manusmriti.