ISRO scripts another success

Chennai, Dec 26: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)announced that it has successfully tested CE-20 engine for a long duration of 650 secs for inducting it in flight.In an update, ISRO said CE-20 engine is successfully operated with a thrust level of 22t for a long duration of 650 s at the Cryogenic Main
Engine and Stage Test Facility of ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC), Mahendragiri in Tamil Nadu on Friday. With this, the engine qualification for 20 t thrust level is also successfully completed for induction in flight.The CE20 engine is designed and developed by Liquid Propulsion Systems
Centre (LPSC), Valiamala, Kerala. The engine was operated with a 20.2 thrust level for the first 40 s, followed by an operation at 20t off-nominal zones) before operating it at 22.2 t for a duration of 435 s, by moving the thrust control valve.