Problem, Pakistan

US lawmaker Andy Biggs has introduced a bill in the House of Representatives that seeks to terminate Pakistan’s designation as a major non-NATO ally, and require annual certification from the President with certain conditions for Islamabad to be given such a designation.Biggs represents the fifth Congressional district of Arizona. For any further continuation of Pakistan’s designation as a major non-NATO ally, the bill asks the President to issue a certification that the country has shown progress in arresting and prosecuting Haqqani Network senior leaders and mid-level operatives and has taken steps to demonstrate its commitment to prevent the terror group from using any Pakistani territory as a safe haven.The Congressman introduced the bill HR 80 which now needs to be passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate before it can be signed into law by President Joe Biden, and has been sent to the House Foreign Affairs Committee for necessary actions. Normally, such bills do not fructify, but the present legislation reflects the sentiments of the lawmakers against Pakistan, which is known for harbouring terrorism and using it as a matter of State policy.