‘India has fearless, decisive govt today’

New Delhi: President Droupadi Murmu today said India has a “fearless, decisive government today” as she addressed Parliament on the opening of the Budget session.

“The government will complete nine years soon. The biggest change today is that every Indian is at the peak of their confidence. Today, India is becoming a solution to the world’s problems,” President Murmu said.

“Today India has a stable, fearless, decisive government that can work to fulfil big dreams. Today India has a government that respects the honest and works to solve the problems of the poor and empower them permanently.”

Droupadi Murmu on Tuesday urged people to put in their best to build in the next 25 years a developed India connected to its past glory and containing every golden chapter of modernity.

She said ‘Amrit Kaal’, described by the government as the 25-year period culminating in the centenary of India’s independence, is the time to build an India which is ‘aatmanirbhar’ (self reliant) and also fulfils its humanitarian obligations.