‘Expected more for MSMEs’

Head of Association of Indian Entrepreneurs (AIE), K E Raghunathan said, ‘Hearing the budget gave me great joy and pride. But, after a detailed study, I realised a few points as listed below.’

1. In IT companies, a Rs 9 lakh salary earner saving Rs 12000 does not actually create any demand in the market. So the higher the income the greater the savings, maybe?

2. Micro and small entrepreneurs have no advantage in terms of access to credit, performance of last 2 years makes them ineligible to raise funds to run their industry.

3. High inflation has nothing to cover the money a common man has to spend every month.

4. There is nothing about employment generation in the informal sector.

5. Nothing about GST relief for micro enterprises

6. Nothing about raw material price control.

7. There is nothing about easy closure of business for those affected by covid and unable to continue due to huge losses.