A.R. Murugadoss pens emotional letter before ‘August 16, 1947’ release

Reputed filmmaker A.R. Murugadoss of ‘Ghajini’ fame unveiled a candid open letter on Friday during a promotional event for his upcoming production ‘August 16, 1947’. The movie is about a remote village where one man inspires his compatriots to fight against their oppressive British masters, who continue to treat them badly despite India becoming an independent nation. Murugadoss appeals to his fellow citizens to not take India’s Independence for granted. He speaks about our bravely fought freedom struggle, and highlights many of the pains and bruises left behind after the battle. The maverick storyteller concludes his address with an inspiring message too. Written and directed by N.S. Ponkumar, the movie features Gautham Karthik, Revathy, Pugazh and English actor Richard Ashton in the main roles. Talking about his emotional note, A.R. Murugadoss says: “Freedom is not given to you, it something you obtain with struggle and self belief. In my own personal life, neither do I come from a film background nor do I have any formal education, and yet, I overcame all those fears to make films.”