‘Hold all central govt exams in regional language’

Chennai: Chief Minister MK Stalin has demanded to conduct all central government examinations in regional languages and said that students from all states of the country should get equal opportunities.

The Chief Minister also welcomed the Centre’s decision taken in April this year to conduct the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) exams in 13 regional languages besides Hindi and English.

“We have to raise our voice demanding to conduct all Central Government exams in all regional languages,” Stalin said on Monday in a video series ‘Ungalin Oruvan’ in which Tamil Nadu Chief Minister answered questions relating to various political developments in the state.

“It should happen soon. It is a long pending demand of DMK in Parliament, State Legislative and people forum. With this not just the youth of Tamil Nadu but the youth of many other Indian States can write the exams in their respective languages. Opportunities should not be reduced to one’s fluency in Hindi and English alone,” he added.