Udhay says he is not against Hindu religion

The DMK leader, Udhayanidhi Stalin, in an interview with media personnel, agreed on not being against the Hindu religion but the Sanatana practices like caste discrimination. On being asked about any such example of Sanatana practice, Udhayanidhi Stalin mentioned the incident of President Draupadi Murmu, not being invited to the opening of Parliament. “Honourable President, Draupadi Murmu was not invited for the opening of the Parliament, that is the best current example,” said Udhayanidhi Stalin. On being asked about the demand for an apology from him, Udhayanidhi refused to reply to the demand. DMK leader Stalin has come under severe criticism since he mentioned on Saturday that Sanatana Dharma should not merely be opposed but “eradicated”. However, unfazed by attacks from various leaders, Tamil Nadu Minister for Youth Welfare and Sports Development Udhayanidhi Stalin on Monday said that he would repeat the same thing again as he has included all religions and not just Hindus. “The day before yesterday I spoke at a function about it (Sanatana Dharma). Whatever I said, I’ll repeat the same thing again and again. I included all the religions and not just Hindus. I condemned caste differences, that’s all,” Udhayanidhi Stalin said. Notably, Udhayanidhi’s remark on Sanatana Dharma has sparked massive controversy across the nation. Several BJP leaders and Hindu priests have strongly criticised his statement. The BJP has demanded an apology from MK Stalin’s son. Leaders from the saffron party have also blamed the INDIA bloc for Udhayanidhi’s remark, claiming such an agenda was discussed during the recent meeting that was held in Mumbai.