Will shut majority of TASMAC shops if voted to power: BJP

Chennai, Nov 20: In a significant announcement during his ‘En Mann En Makkal’ yatra in Lalgudi, Tamil Nadu BJP state president K Annamalai declared that if the BJP comes to power in the state, a majority of Tasmac-run wine shops will be closed, and toddy shops will be opened. Annamalai emphasized the party’s commitment to this transformation in the liquor policy, stating that three-fourths of Tasmac wine shops would be shuttered, with a parallel push for toddy shops.

While addressing the crowd, Annamalai clarified that the BJP is not against individuals who choose to consume alcohol in a democracy. However, he expressed the party’s opposition to citizens handing over their hard-earned money to Tasmac and what he referred to as ‘liquor factories run by DMK bigwigs.’ Annamalai suggested that if individuals wish to consume alcohol, they should opt for toddy.

Taking a swipe at the DMK government, Annamalai criticized them for reportedly generating a revenue of 467 crores from liquor sales during Diwali. He characterized the DMK government as a ‘Tasmac model’ rather than a ‘Dravidian model’ and proposed that Tasmac shops should prominently feature portraits of former party president M Karunanidhi and Chief Minister M K Stalin.

Appealing to voters to support the BJP candidate in the upcoming parliamentary election, Annamalai linked it to the possibility of Narendra Modi becoming Prime Minister for the third time. He framed the chance to elect Modi in 2024 as a stepping stone for the BJP’s success in Tamil Nadu in 2026.

Accusing the DMK of making false claims about fulfilling 90% of their electoral promises, Annamalai criticized ministers K N Nehru and Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi, labeling them as supporters of dynasty politics. He asserted that the BJP is the only party dedicated to empowering the people.