SW Monsoon set to make an early onset in TN

Amid the scorching heat, Tamil Nadu is gearing up for an early onset of the southwest monsoon, promising much-needed relief. According to meteorological reports, districts such as Kanyakumari, Theni, Coimbatore, and Nilgiris are expected to receive substantial rainfall as the southwest monsoon advances.

Tamil Nadu has already experienced an exceptionally wet season this year, receiving 129% more rainfall than usual during the southwest monsoon period. From June 1 to June 23, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry recorded a maximum rainfall of 92.8 mm, significantly surpassing the normal average of 40.5 mm for this period.

The early onset of the southwest monsoon is anticipated to bring further relief and a break from the intense summer heat. The heavy rainfall expected in the coming days will not only provide respite but also benefit agricultural activities across the region.

Meteorologists and local authorities are closely monitoring the situation to ensure preparedness and mitigate any potential challenges posed by the heavy rains. The early arrival of the monsoon is seen as a positive development for Tamil Nadu, which has been grappling with high temperatures and dry conditions in recent weeks.