Sekarbabu vows to prevent politicisation of spirituality in TN

PK Sekarbabu, Minister for Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR&CE), declared on Wednesday that any attempt to politicize spirituality in Tamil Nadu would be thwarted. He urged devotees to offer prayers at temples and seek divine blessings but warned against involving deities in election campaigns or soliciting votes in their names.
“Conspiracy to politicize spirituality will be dismantled here in Tamil Nadu, which has the highest number of temples in the country,” stated the Minister. His comments, seen as a veiled critique of the BJP and its leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, were made during a departmental debate. BJP floor leader Nainar Nagendran objected to the remarks, but Speaker M Appavu noted that no specific names were mentioned.
Minister Sekarbabu also announced a comprehensive development plan for enhancing temple amenities. The HR&CE department will allocate Rs 177.10 crore for improving integrated basic facilities in six temples, including Arulmigu Sarapathira Swamy Madalayam in Chennai and Arulmigu Subramaniya Swamy Temple in Kandal, The Nilgiris.
Additionally, the day-long Annadhanam scheme, currently active in 11 temples, will be extended to Arulmigu Kallalagar Temple in Madurai and Arulmigu Subramaniya Swamy Temple in Coimbatore. Students attending schools and colleges managed by the Palani Murugan Temple will now receive lunch, supplementing the breakfast provided previously.
A budget of Rs 50 crore has been earmarked for the renovation of 115 urban temples. Moreover, the department plans to construct three golden chariots at a cost of Rs 9 crore and three silver chariots at Rs 11.50 crore.