Modi calls Russia as India’s ‘all-weather friend’

Moscow: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday described Russia as India’s “all-weather friend” and hailed President Vladimir Putin’s leadership in strengthening the bilateral relationship over the past two decades.

The Prime Minister’s praise of Putin, during an address to the Indian diaspora here, came amid attempts by Western powers to isolate the Russian leader over the war in Ukraine.

“On hearing the word Russia, the first word that comes to mind of every Indian is India’s all-weather friend (sukh-dukh ka saathi) and a trusted ally,” Modi said.

“No matter how low the temperature dips below minus during Russian winter, India-Russia friendship has always remained in ‘plus’, it is full of warmth. This relationship is built on the strong foundation of mutual trust and mutual respect,” the Prime Minister said.

Modi said he had a special appreciation for “his friend” President Putin for steering India-Russia friendship to greater heights over the last two decades.

The Prime Minister said for a long time the world had seen an “influence-oriented global order”.

“But, what the world needs right now is confluence not influence and no one can deliver this message better than India which has a strong tradition of worshipping confluences,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister said India was undergoing a transformation and the pace of development over the past 10 years has taken the world by surprise.

Modi said India was changing as it believes in the strength of its 140 crore citizens who are now dreaming of turning their resolve of ‘Viksit Bharat’ into reality.